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Performance and price comparison of various magnetic materials

First: ferrite, low and medium performance, lowest price treadmill magnetic tile, good temperature characteristics, corrosion resistance and good performance price ratio

Second: Nd-Fe-B has the highest performance, medium price, good strength, and is not resistant to high temperature and corrosion

Third: samarium cobalt, high performance, the highest price, magnetic tile manufacturers, brittle, excellent temperature characteristics, corrosion resistance

Fourth: aluminum nickel cobalt, low and medium performance, medium price, excellent temperature characteristics, poor corrosion resistance and interference resistance

Fifth: SmCo, ferrite and Nd-Fe-B can be manufactured by sintering and bonding method of motor magnetic tile manufacturer. The sintered magnetic property is high, the molding is poor, the molding of bonded magnet is good, and the performance is reduced a lot.

Sixth: alnico can be manufactured by casting and sintering methods. The cast magnet has high performance and poor formability, while the sintered magnet has low formability.